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issue 5

£8.00 - £40.00

SICK issue 5
114 pages on uncoated paper with a soft-touch cover finish

Essays, features, poetry, art & more from Kiersten Adams, Lindsey Allen, Anonymous, Mira Brunner, Kinsey Cantrell, Cortney Cassidy, Cassio, Calla King-Clements, amy etherington, Leora Fridman, William Gee, Josephine Guan, Gigi El-Halaby, Faye Harnest, Sullivan Jordan, Kahlil Kasir, Michelle Kuan, Eliza Lutz, Nila Narain, Hayley Cranberry Small, Kaiya Waerea, Katie (Tom) Walters, Hanna Norberg-Williams, and Emma Zack

Designed by Kaiya Waerea
Cover art by Calla King-Clements
Illustrations by Josephine Guan

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